What Do Classroom of the Elite And GAMERS! Have In Common? Disappointment.(SPOILERS)

After watching episode five of both Classroom of the Elite and GAMERS!, I’ve noticed that both of the shows seem to be going downhill. I’m honestly not sure whether this is because of the source material, or because of the lack of directorial and writing skill, but either way its really not looking good for either of these shows.

Of the two, GAMERS! was the one who’s decline I was expecting. It had a strong episode one, and an interesting plot twist, but as I’ve pointed out on this blog before that twist really didn’t amount to much. Looking back, the show honestly might have been better if it had stuck to the plot it was setting up. At least, in that case, it would have been campy and fun.

Now, However, GAMERS! is nothing more than a mediocre Rom-Com. Its main appeal has become the intertwining relationships between Amano and the others. The problem with this is that in only five episodes, I haven’t had enough time to care. None of these characters have been on screen for long enough or been interesting enough for me to want to know who is going to end up with who.

I’m a bit more sad about Classroom of the Elite. It had an interesting premise about being locked in a school in which everyone thinks that they’re being treated like royalty when in fact they just being tested. When everyone realized that they had just made themselves poor by spending all their points, that’s when the show good have gone a thousand different routes. But, of course, the show has chosen to take the least interesting route.

So far, the show has tried to do everything while accomplishing nothing. It has meandered around, following a character story about Sudo that is not that interesting. The reason why they’re doing it makes sense within the context of the show, but it still isn’t as interesting as the writers would like to think it is.

It really is a shame that both of these shows look like they’re going to end up among the boring drivel of the rest of the season. They started out very well, but I can’t see a good ending with the directions they’ve decided to take. I hope I’m proven wrong within the coming weeks, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.




6 thoughts on “What Do Classroom of the Elite And GAMERS! Have In Common? Disappointment.(SPOILERS)”

  1. Gamers is definitely less interesting than the first episodes kind of hinted, but I’m still kind of enjoying it. It is very low stress entertainment, though equally forgettable after viewing at the moment. It would be nice if it picked up again, but if it doesn’t it will remain watchable. Classroom of the Elite I’m hopelessly behind on but plan to catch up eventually.

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    1. I agree. I don’t actually have to put too much energy into either series. I’ll probably keep up with both until the end just to see how they conclude, or if I’m entirely wrong and the second halves end up being amazing.

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  2. I definitely agree with you on GAMERS! That anime is definitely going downhill. But i disagree with classroom of the elite. I think it will be anime of the season due to its intrigue and great characters.


    1. Honestly I hope that ends up being true. It’s really sad to see something with potential just not use it at all.


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