Garo Vanishing Line Episode 1 Reaction

I actually wasn’t sure what to expect with this show. I didn’t think much of the plot description when I read it, so I sort of just dived in. Even during the first few minutes it seemed like this was going to be interesting, but wow I am excited for this show.

Sword, the main character

Vanishing line seems to be letting it’s animation and music speak much louder than its story, as so far it seems a bit generic. In this world their are Horrors, creatures born of humanities worst vices:

It is up to Sword, a Makai Knight, to stop these creatures before they hurt innocent people. We also get a hint at something, or someone, much more important, something called Eldorado. It seems as though this is going to be the main antagonist for the series. 

I can’t say this is going to be a bad story. In fact, depending on where it goes from here it could be very interesting, but I won’t keep my expectations to high.

The two high points so far are the music and the animation. The Action in this show is already phenomenal. Aside from a bit of excess camera shaking, they are well coreagraphed and the animation looks beautiful.

The music so far has been a mix of dark and very intense, which is what the show as a whole could be described as. Even in the opening scene I was pumped up and ready to watch Sword kick some butt. 

Overall, I approve. I definitely don’t see this being very deep, especially with Sword’s personality so far. But, it will be highly entertaining. If your looking for something fun, then this is your show.


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