Kino’s Journey Episode 1 Reaction

Riding, across many lands, with no end in sight. Always looking to explore new lands and talk to new people. Not to mention, a talking motorcycle?

Kino’s Journey definitely has one of the strongest first episodes of this season, with Kino exploring a country in which murder isn’t prohibited. It displayed all of what Kino’s is going to be about.

Having not scene the original series, I was going in mostly blind, but even not knowing about it’s previous iteration I was wholly impressed. What Kino’s Journey is offering is something that’s definetly worth taking.

It’s story is interesting, to say the least. Kino and Hermes’ Journey into places yet discovered, and each of the places that they visit have something unique about them. Kino and Hermes are also pretty amusing together, as they compliment each other in a comedic way.

The animation gives the look of the original a much needed update. Kino’s character design looks great, with his mainly green outfit poping out in an eye-pleasing way. The 3D animation is also well implemented, with the motorcycle scenes being integrated with a lot of care. There isn’t much to say when it comes to the music, but it was complimentary in the right way.

A strong first episode overall, and definitely now something I will be keeping up with. If your not watching this yet, you should be.


4 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 1 Reaction”

  1. I hadn’t heard of the original either, but enjoyed this first episode. I’m hoping it manages to keep things moving along without feeling too slow but am mostly just looking forward to where we go on this journey.


    1. Yeah, I’m actually looking forward to the episodic format in this one. Should make for a good show, especially if it stays as interesting as this episode.

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