This Week in Anime: 11-2-17

Welcome everyone to the second installment of This Week in Anime, where you can catch up on important stories from the last week. This week was dominated by a lot of important announcements about anime and anime-related projects that will be coming soon, and some not so soon.

Attack on Titan Will be Adapting the Uprising Arc

Artwork from Season 2 and Season 3 of Attack on Titan. Source: Goboiano.

Season three of attack on titan was announced immediately after season two’s final episode aired, but now more details about the upcoming have been released. It is now confirmed that the show will air in Summer of 2018. The picture above shows (left half) promotional art from the third season, which will announce the “Uprising Arc” of the Manga. This arc details the true nature of the Titans as well as a coup d’etat. All of the production team will be returning for the project accept for Ayumi Yamada.

Hayao Miyazaki Announces Final Film Project


Artwork from Hayao Miyazaki’s Next Film Project Kimi-Tachi wa Dou Ikiru ka. Source: Goboiano.

While at the opening of the Natsume Soseki Museum at Tokyo’s Wasada University, Hayao Miyazaki made time to talk about his next and presumed last, film. The film, titled Kimi-Tachi wa Dou Ikiru Ka(How do You Love?), is based on a book of the same name from author Genzaburo Yoshino in 1937. Miyazaki has previously praised the book as a masterpiece. The movie is going to take three to four years to complete, and the Studio Ghibli Producer Toshio Suzuki says the project is unlikely to be finished by the 2020 Olympics. As of right now, it is also true that the full-length feature film has not been officially greenlit by Studio Ghibli.

Funimation Now Officially Acquired by Sony

It was announced back in August of this year that Sony Entertainment would be purchasing a majority stake in Funimation, and now the deal has been mostly sealed. Sony valued Funimation at around 150 million U.S. Dollars and now has a majority stake in the company. Gen Fukunaga, the current CEO of Funimation, has been declared as having kept his position. The acquisition is part of Sony’s strategy to capitalize on their already strong representation in the anime market. Andy Kaplan, President of Worldwide Networks at Sony Pictures Television, said “The combined IP of ANIMAX, Kid’s Station, and Funimation will allow us to deliver the best anime to fans across all platforms.”  The deal still needs to approved by the necessary regulatory agencies, but it is unlikely they will be denied.

Live Action Erased Series to be Produced by Netflix


Promotional Photo for a Live-Action Erased series on Netflix. Source: AnimeNewsNetwork.

After being announced earlier this year, Netflix has released a date for the live-action adaptation of the popular anime and manga series Boku Dake ga Inai Machi or Erased as its known in English. The live action drama will be released on Netflix on December 15, and the first visual (shown above) has been released. Yuya Furukawa will play the main character Satoru’s older self, and Reo Uchikawa will play Satoru’s younger self. Mio Yuuki will play Airi’s younger self.




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