Opening of the Week: Tabi no Tochuu by Natsumi Kiyoura(Spice and Wolf)

Any opportunity to talk about Spice and Life is a good one, and the show’s phenomenal first opening is no exception. The show’s second opening is also quite lovely, but I chose this one because I think it also encaptures what the show it’s attached to is all about. Its slow, quiet build to an extremely beautiful chorus makes it stand out as one of best anime openings I’ve ever seen.

The title of the song roughly translates to “On a Journey.” This is obviously referring to the many journeys that Lawrence and Holo take in order to get her back to her home, but it also refers to their own personal journey, both in terms of their relationship and their individual personalities. Lawrence learns that he is often too uptight in his approach to the world and that he should learn to enjoy his journey more. Meanwhile, Holo learns that not all humans are bad and that learning to be more trusting is the first step in living in the human world.

The lyrics go into more details about their journeys to new places and their journey together. The song musically starts out as a slow Piano ballad, almost like a lullaby, but as the song goes on it changes and becomes more powerful as the song lyrics talk more about the journey that Lawrence and Holo will have together, symbolizing their excitement for the future.

The song’s tone is also set well by the female vocalist Natsumi Kiyoura. Her soft vocal tone, in the beginning, builds alongside the music and creates a feeling of power, of adventure.

If you haven’t seen Spice and Wolf, you should, but if you’re just looking for some new music, still check this out. It’s one of the best songs on Spice and Wolf’s OST and, in a weird way, kind of relaxing.

What do you guys think of this of this Opening? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading. See ya, Friendos!


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