Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room

Add this to the list of stuff I didn’t know I wanted. I saw Irina’s post from a few days ago about this idea and thought I should do my part in spreading it along. Long story short, Arthifis is creating a facebook group for anime fans and bloggers. The link to the group is in the article. Hope I see some of you there.

Arthifis' Place

Hi guys and welcome to my place!

So today I am not doing reviews of my favorite animes/videogames! Today I bring you an idea which I called “Anime Blogging Party at the Living Room”… Wtf is this may you ask? Well to start explaining, first I want to explain where the idea came from!


The idea beyond this blog always was to be my house… That’s why I always start with “welcome to my place” and the objective always was to bring the most people possible together so we can have “OUR Place”!

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