Opening of the Week: Feed the Fire by coldrain(King’s Game)

Out of all of the show’s from this season, I would have expected a show like King’s game to get a fully English Opening. Considering how rare it is for a show to have one, It does feel kind of weird having an opening that is so much better than the show its attached to. Even so, welcome to Opening of the Week, where I talk about an opening that I’ve been enjoying and that hopefully, you will too. This Week, we have Feed the Fire by coldrain.

Even though the quality of the song doesn’t make sense, the music choice certainly does. coldrain’s brand of Post-hardcore gives the opening an explosive feeling that makes you want to bang your head like you’ve taken all of the drugs.

The band’s high energy screamo comes courtesy of Masato, their lead singer. Masato grew up being able to speak both English and Japanese, meaning that not only are the lyrics understandable, they are not in Engrish.

One of the openings main appeals is just how well it sets up the show that is coming after it. King’s game follows a high steaks game of survival where a class of high schoolers must do what their told or risk being killed by a mysterious presence known as King. With that kind of setup, coldrain’s Feed the Fire was a perfect choice.

What do you think of the King’s Game Opening? Love it? Hate it? let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


5 thoughts on “Opening of the Week: Feed the Fire by coldrain(King’s Game)”

  1. I absolutely love the opening song! It’s right up my street in terms of music but you’re right it is a bit odd when anime has proper English lyrics and vocals but nonetheless I still love it! I love it more than the actual anime it’s as I feel its a bit of a let down but that’s just me 😊

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  2. I love the opening to King’s Game. It isn’t my favourite this season, I think I have to give the to Recovery of an MMO Junkie, but I really enjoy they opening song. I just wish the story was up to the same intense standard as the song.


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