My First Blogging Award!

Well, This is going to be an exciting post to write.

Arthifis over at Arthifis’ place nominated me for the Liebster award, and even though I have already taken two semesters of German, I did not, in fact, know that Liebster meant beloved or dearest, to which I say: “aaaaaaaaaawwwwwww.”

Apparently, these are the rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who nominated you.
  • answer the 11 questions
  • nominate 11 other bloggers
  • give 11 questions for them to answer

Now, time for those questions:

  1. Why did you start Blogging? 
    1. Answer: I actually started blogging as a way to relieve stress. The summer of this year was a bit of a hectic time for me. I was taking online classes to get the credits I needed to graduate, and there was a lot of work I hadn’t done. My blog was a way of distracting myself, forgetting about problems by just putting words on a screen.
  2. If you could enter any fantasy world of your choice, which one would you pick and why?
    1. Answer: It’s always really funny thinking about the logistics of any fantasy world, because there’s so much that could go wrong and potentially end with you being dead, but if I had to pick one, It would be Konosuba, just to see how lucky I can get with my stats.
  3. What is your spirit animal?
    1. Answer: Rei Kiriyama from March Comes in Like a Lion
  4. Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert?
    1. Answer: I would probably describe myself as introvert leaning, but as soon as I get to know someone decently well then all social fronts disappear and I just become loud and obnoxious.
  5. Do you put first the cereal and then the milk, or first the milk and then the cereal?
    1. Answer: I actually pour the milk on a table, then pour the cereal on top of the milk and then use my bowl as a topping. I find it tastes a lot better like that.
  6. Are there any anime/series/movie you saw that you think you would do a better job writing it, which one and why?
    1. Answer: Quite a few, actually, but for the sake of the question, I’ll pick one: Rage of Bahamut. It isn’t a particularly well-written show to begin with, but as someone who spent an embarrassingly long amount of time playing the original mobile game, I have quite a few ideas on how it could have played out.
  7. Which anime/series/movie disappointed you the much and why?
    1. Answer: Good question, and to be honest, I don’t really have a good answer. GAMERS! from last season is the biggest culprit, but very rarely do I go into a show with expectations that can’t be met.
  8. What fictional character you love the most and why?
    1. Answer: Rei Kiriyama from March Comes in Like a Lion, because He is extremely relatable.
  9. Without thinking! Complete the following sentence: Tomorrow I will…
    1. Anwer: Eat all of the pizza in my fridge
  10. Would you want to make a living as a blogger or it will always be a hobby for you?
    1. Answer: If it would be possible to make a stable living off blogging, then I would, but I’m certainly not betting on it for a career.
  11. What is the craziest thing you did?
    1. Answer: Eat a whole 18-inch pizza. Sorry, I’m a bit boring when it comes to stuff like that.

And now that were done with questions, Time for nominations. Apologies, I’m gonna half to break the rules a little bit. came up a little short of 11


  1. What is your favorite album of all time?
  2. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  3. What is your Dream Job?
  4. What was your first relationship like?
  5. How many anime series/films have you seen?
  6. Are you a morning person or a night person?
  7. What makes you nervous?
  8. If given the chance to change one thing about yourself permanently, would you? Why?
  9. Are you more introverted or more extroverted?
  10. What social media platform are you most addicted to?
  11. What is the meaning of life?

I’m just so happy!



13 thoughts on “My First Blogging Award!”

  1. Congrats! Wow. I wasn’t expecting my name down there when I stated reading your answers. Thank you! I feel so loved. 🙂 I’ve already posted one liebster but I would be happy to answer your questions!

    ‘Go crazy with pizza’ is in my next to do list thanks to you …

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  2. Congrats on the award and thanks for the nomination. I’m dreadful at getting around to responding to these properly so I’ll answer your questions here:
    1. Don’t have a have favourite album – I like music but nothing specific.
    2. Favourite movie is too hard to narrow down – Labyrinth will do if I had to choose a single movie.
    3. Dream job – professional ghost writer with limited human interaction (yeah, I know, not happening).
    4. Past relationships belong in the past.
    5. I genuinely could not answer this. I’ve nearly hit 200 series reviews on my site and I know there are nearly 80 series I’ve got listed to get around to reviewing that I’ve watched at some point and they are just the ones I actually remember. There are plenty of series I watched over the years and forgot more or less instantly.
    6. Definitely a morning person, that’s why I largely reply to people’s emails and comments on my blog between 4:30 and 5:30 am Australian time.
    7. Literally everything makes me nervous, including the anticipation of feeling nervous.
    8. I think my eye colour. My eye colour kind of changes with my helth (various people around me pick up that I’m getting sick before I do because my eye colour kind of fades). I’d like to just have a fixed eye colour I think.
    9. Complete introvert. People are exhausting in real life.
    10. None. I use Twitter and Facebook but neither is particularly something I love. I enjoy blogging and the other platforms really just help connect me to other bloggers.
    11. Pulling out the easy questions aren’t you? I’ve always thought the point was to find meaning.

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      1. 11 questions is a lot. Most of these awards go with 3, 5 or 7 but 11 would be a struggle to come up with. It was more the others were pretty straight forward to answer and then you hit the last question.


  3. I hope the stress and problems have lessened and now you just do the blogging for fun!!! …I want pizza now.
    Thank you so much for the nomination. Can’t wait to dig into these questions. I’ve been meaning to tell you all the purpose of life!

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