12 Days of Anime 2017

12 Days on Anime #7: What Anime Means to Me as a Writer

As both an amateur poet and a journalist, I’ve always been obsessed with stories. How they’re told, the characters involved, the choices made by those characters, the elements that support a story in a given medium of entertainment, all of it. Picking apart those elements and then putting them back together as part of my own work is something that is something that takes a lot of skill, and something that I hope to perfect some day.

It is weird too because I wasn’t always a writer. I didn’t seriously consider writing as a career until I got to my Journalism class in Freshman year of high school. I hadn’t done much in terms of quality writing up until that point, mostly because my skills were, to put it lightly, trash.

When I think about anime, I think about all of the staff that has to work on a single project in order to tell the story in the most interesting way possible. Whether that be through stage direction, exposition, or even just a few scenes overlooking characters or a vast landscape.

What I want to be, and what I aspire to, is a level of sophistication in my writing that matches even shows like Psycho-Pass. Getting there will mean that I have made the greatest possible advancement, and the only thing left would be to work on my style. Hopefully someday.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and bye for now, Friendos!

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