Opening of the Week: Again by Yui(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 1)

One area of comparison between the original Fullmetal and Brotherhood that people will admit the original wins by a large margin is the music, but that is not to say that Brotherhood has no good music. In fact, one of the first pieces of the soundtrack is arguably one of the best in the whole show. For this week’s Opening of the Week: Again by Yui.

Again does what any good rock song should for its beginning: a slow build up and then a hard drop into an epic guitar solo. From that drop, the momentum builds and builds, and the song getting faster, with Yui going into a bit of a fast rap near the midsection of the song. The drums in the fast-rapping midsection also help to emphasize the building momentum, and then the rapping ends and goes into the chorus of the song.

The lyrics of the song are a good reflection of the state of the show at the beginning, where Ed and Al are thinking about what they have to do going forward. They both realize that there is no more time to simply mope around and wait for things to get better and that they are the only ones who will fix their situation.

Japanese pop-artist YUI provides the vocals for the song, and they do wonders for it. YUI’s commanding voice sets the correct tone, as she sings about taking back control of her situation, and telling others, and herself, that she will not make excuses for failure. Overall, a powerful opening that makes good use of the instrumental and vocal talent present.

What do you guys think? Is YUI’s Again a good song? Should I cover a different Brotherhood Opening? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


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