Opening of the Week: Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch(Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 3)

After gushing about Fullmetal’s incredible first opening Again by Yui last week, I thought I would devote a little time to one of my favorite openings from the series: Golden Time Lover by Sukima Switch. It has arguably one of the most infectious beats and most groovy rap flows of all time.

One thing that works against the opening, However, is that its musical tone stands somewhat in contrast to both its lyrics and the tone of the show at the time it appears. Golden Time Lover comes in at the beginning of their time at the northern military base in Amestria, where they eventually face one of the seven homunculus sloth. The groovy tune really doesn’t make a lot of sense for the show at the time.

The lyrics make a lot more sense, talking about the temptation to give up but realizing its more important to persist because good things will come afterward. Sukima Switch delivers this message in a wonderfully bouncy rap, with a flow that makes a lot of American rappers seem basic by comparison.

If you watched Brotherhood and somehow decided that this opening wasn’t worth listening to, I would suggest giving it another try.

Which Brotherhood opening is your favorite? What do you think of this one? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for Reading and by for now, Friendos!

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