This Week in Anime: 12-28-17

Welcome back, everyone, to another installment of this week in anime, where we take a look at the news that might have gone unnoticed this week. A lot of stuff was announced this week, including new projects from Jun Maeda and the Persona Franchise, which look to be pretty exciting. With that said, let’s get started.

Persona 5 Gets Anime in the Spring of 2018

The much-anticipated anime adaptation of the smash hit game Persona 5 has finally been revealed. The project will begin airing on April 28th of the spring season, and already has a trailer detailing the what the show will look and sound like. Staff members of the project include Pieces from the original game including those from Shouji Meguro and character designs from Satomi Ishikawa, who worked previously on Convenience Store Boy Friends. The show definitely looks promising, and as someone who is currently playing the original game, it seems like it will be a fairly faithful adaptation.

The Best Selling Anime and Movies of 2017


Data from the organization Oricon was recently released detailing the top 15 best selling anime and movies by DVD. The organization, like many in Japan, considers foreign animation anime as well, so list includes the sales of both Despicable Me, and the Minions spinoff, as well as Moana. Unsurprisingly, though, Yuri on Ice! and Your Name. topped the list and number two and one respectively.

Young Animators are Struggling to Survive in Japan’s Anime Industry


As with many other organizations, a recent survey done by AEYAC has found that many of Japan’s Animators are still financially struggling in the industry. According to the data from the Organization, 53 percent of the 44 participants still take some financial support from family members. A study this small should receive some scrutiny, but it does reflect what other data sets have been showing for a long time: that animators simply cannot survive on the payment they receive.

New Visual Novel “Summer Pockets” Reveals Release Date and Teases Anime

The newest Key visual novel with Jun Maeda as the writer “Summer Pockets” released a trailer and a release date of June 29th. With this came a small teaser that suggests an anime adaptation will follow the game’s release. Fans are excited because many of Jun Maeda’s other releases, including Charlotte and Clannad, have turned into fan favorites.


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