This Week in Anime: 1-11-18

Welcome back, everyone, to another installment This Week in Anime. Some big announcements as well as some industry news. No point in a super long intro, though, so let’s get started.

Director of Pop Team Epic Didn’t Read the Source Material Before Taking the Job.


In an Interview with Buzz Plus News, Director Jun Aoki admitted that he had never read the Pop Team Epic manga before directing the anime adaptation. He initially thought the series would be extremely easy to direct, so he did not bother reading the material. He also admits that is not the case and has had the series creator Bkuk Okawa at his side for every episode.

Exploitation in the Manga Industry

Yawara no MIchelangelo

Shunsuke Kakuishi, the author of Yawara no Michelangelo, recently wrote a blog post detailing his time under Norifusa Mita, and how much of his time there was clouded by bad industries practices. The post was written as a response to Mita’s claims in an interview with Yahoo New’s Japan that he treated all of his employees with respect and that they never worked overtime. In the post, Kakuishi disputes this, saying that he worked overtime every week, including sometimes where his work time would spill over into his days off. Kakuishi also worries about other assistants in the industry who might be facing similar or even worse conditions, as he admits that his conditions were some of the better in the industry.

Bakemonogatari Gets a Manga Adaptation


Fans who are interested in Bakemonogatari but who do not want to watch the anime can rejoice, because now it will be a manga. The Manga adaptation was announced by series creator NisiOisen on Twitter and will be released in Kondasha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Kakegurui Gets a Second Season


Fans can also rejoice about the Netflix exclusive gambling anime Kakegurui, as the show has officially been greenlighted for a sequel. The announcement came in the middle of last week. Currently, however, there are no other details about the anime’s release, other than that there will be one.


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