How to Keep a Mummy Episode One Reaction: Yeah, It’s Pretty Cute

I realized last season that my ability to judge what’s going to be good and what’s going to seasonal trash was not as good as I thought after looking at Recovery of an MMO Junkie and being pleasantly surprised. I looked at How to Keep a Mummy and thought, “Well, might as well give it a shot anyway.” I’ll be upfront and honest: I don’t expect this to be anything more than slightly above average, but How to Keep a Mummy was a pleasant surprise.

Screenshot 2018-01-12 06.11.02

Rarely do I have expectations when going into something I think is just going to be seasonal trash, and this time was no exception. From the surface,  the show seems like generic Slice of Life fair with a fantasy twist, and that is largely what the show is.

It looks like the only redeeming factor about the show is going to be Mii-Kun. Based on the intro it looks there will be other strange creatures that show up as pets as well, and the cuteness of said pets is going to be the main focus.

That’s not to that the show will not be enjoyable, which looks to be the case already. The interactions between Mii-Kun and Sora are wonderfully adorable and cute. I can definitely see myself continuing and watching this to unwind when I’m stressed.

The animation is about the level of quality you would expect from an average Slice of Life: Not particularly expressive or noticeably artistic. It does the job it needs to do, nothing more, nothing less. The music is also just ok. Nothing so far stands out as particularly awe-inspiring.

I’ll continue this for now, just to see where it goes. And for Mii-Kun!

How do you guys feel about How to Keep a Mummy? Excited? “eh?” Not going to bother with it at all? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


6 thoughts on “How to Keep a Mummy Episode One Reaction: Yeah, It’s Pretty Cute”

  1. I had almost the same reaction you did to this. I expected nothing but gave it a go and then was pleasantly surprised. Whether the show can continue to be pleasant for a whole season or whether I’ll get over cute pocket sized mummy I don’t know yet, but I’m on board for giving this a few more episodes.

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