My Top 5 KyoAni Shows

Kyoto Animation is a studio that everyone seems to recognize universally, not only because of their high production quality but also because of their recent Moe influenced style. Many of their shows end up being the most popular of any given season, illustrated by this season’s Violet Evergarden being widely received. I decided to lay out what are my own top five favorite shows from KyoAni, who I have also come to love and appreciate. I will preface this by saying that I have not seen all of their shows, so this is not based on everything they have made. With that said, Let’s get it started.

5. Kanon


Kyoto Animation also has a history of adapting Key Visual Novels, including others like Clannad and Air. Unfortunately, since I have not seen either Clannad or Air, I left finding Kanon to be on this list.

That is not to say that Kanon is by any means bad. It would not be on my list if I thought that was the case. Kanon is great in a lot of ways. It most certainly hits the right amount of cute, and everything else is about the show is adequate as well.

The reason its number 5 on the list though is because it just so happens that It does not stand out as much as the other shows I have picked.


4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The melancholy of haruhi

Haruhi is a show that represents what many consider to be the height of the weirdness of anime. The show stars the aforementioned Haruhi Suzumiya, an eccentric character who, to the dismay of our main character Kyon, seems to have an absurd amount of energy. Haruhi is bored with life and wants to discover the supernatural, but little does she know that inside the club she creates to find the supernatural their exists aliens, time travelers, and espers.

Despite the initial impression that the show might leave, it is honestly one of the most entertaining slice of life shows of all time. Not to mention, the dub for the show is actually exceptionally well done, with Crispin Freeman playing Kyon, and Wendee Lee playing Haruhi. Truly a marvelous production.


3. K-ON


Another show that hits just the right amount of cute, K-ON inhabits a special place in my heart for being among the first shows that I watched when I started my journey through this crazy world known as Anime. Before K-ON, I had blown off Lucky Star as completely boring and uninteresting, but K-ON convinced me that the Slice of Life genre had a lot more to offer than Lucky Star.

In hindsight, K-ON does not really do a lot different than most Moe Blob shows, but the show’s earnest cast of characters and their pure love for music became a compelling reason to stick around.

2. Sound! Euphonium


Sound! Euphonium is a show that I feel strongly enough about to say that I truly love this series. It had me in tears by the very end, and after I finished it I was legitimately sad that I could not see more of the characters that kept me around for so long.

It also inspired a lot of post ideas that unfortunately due to the spark of inspiration disappearing rather quickly never saw the light of day. Sound! Euphonium is a show that has affected me on a personal level, and it is one that I will remember for years to come.

1. Hyouka


Well, with a confession like that you might think it weird to only have Sound Euphonium as only my number too, but alas, another of KyoAni’s shows has taken my heart.

Hyouka not only has raised my expectations of what a Slice of Life show should be but has done so without my having finished the show. Even based on the 14 episodes that I have seen thus far, I am convinced that Hyouka will end up being not only my favorite KyoAni shows but has likely now supplanted itself in my top ten favorite shows of all time.(Expect this to be my first formal review in a while.)

What’s your favorite KyoAni show? Let me know in the Comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos! Also, If you like this post and would like to support The Aniwriter, consider supporting the blog on Patreon. It would be much appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “My Top 5 KyoAni Shows”

  1. Kanon (specifically 2006) was pretty good. My problems was that it puts one of the most emotional arcs right up front and that lessens a lot of the rest of it before the main story at the end. Air is… interesting. I liked it but it is by far the worst of the three. Clannad is a personal favorite but there is a lot to wade through to get the truly wonderful parts.

    Haruhi is great. Disappearance is best.

    Then the rest of your list is stuff I own (except Hyouka) and haven’t watched yet so no comment :p

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