This Week in Anime: 2-8-18

Henlo, Anifriends! Another week, another group of stories that are probably worth talking about. The news always comes and goes, so let’s get to the stories.

Peter Fobian Starts “Anime vs Manga” Series on Crunchyroll News

The first of a new series called “Anime vs Manga” appeared on Crunchyroll news on Monday. The series aims at comparing the Manga and the anime of any given series and showing the strengths and weaknesses of each. The series was started and written by Features Editor Peter Fobian, who also is a contributor to Anime Feminist. The first article focused on Sweetness and Lightning, a series about a dad and her daughter who decide to start cooking as a way to spend time together.

I thought I would shout out the series here because the first article was really well written. Fobian comes to the conclusion that while the anime is good, the Manga overall is a bit better because it has the length to reach into some darker territory. You can read the article here.

Netflix Original Anime “B: The Beginning” Gets New Trailer

The next Netflix original anime B: The Beginning got a new trailer last Friday. The series, which will be released on March 2nd, focuses on a Futuristic nation known as Cremona. In this nation, a group of scientists hope to save the world, but an evil organization has different plans.

Based on the description of the series and the trailer, I am definitely interested. Although, I do predict that if the show ends up being a lot worse than most people think, it will be because there is a lot going on in the show and it never garners a main focus. With production I.G. at the helm, though, I am not too terribly worried.

Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Help Young Animators

It is widely known by many in the industry as well as many anime fans that new animators are often underpaid and live in very poor conditions because of it. In fact, 80% of animators now quit within their first three years of working. However, a new crowdfunding campaign seeks to help these young animators with their struggles.

The Animator Service Organization seeks to help animators who otherwise can’t afford to live with paying for things like living expenses. The group has already helped 25 animators by helping them acquire affordable living spaces near their work, and are looking to help another 11 move into similar housing this march. The group would like to raise around 18,000 dollars US through their recent campaign.

I do hope the group reaches their goal because the situation these animators face is infuriating. A developed country should not have people earning a living that they literally cannot live on.

What did you guys think of these stories? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos! Also, if you like what your reading and want to help out, consider supporting my Patreon. Even a dollar a month would be helpful.

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3 thoughts on “This Week in Anime: 2-8-18”

  1. The manga is better if for nothing else Kotori Lida is much more fleshed out as a character. I loved the anime to bits, but it annoyed me that the left in the effects (on her character) but left out the explanations behind them.

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