Opening of the Week: Answer by Bump of Chicken(March Comes in Like a Lion OP 1)

More and more March Comes in Like a Lion has been on my mind, not because of its highly stylized artwork or its unique premise, but mainly because of the show’s main character Rei, who seems to have a new ghost of his past come back to haunt him every half a season or so. In order to honor one of my favorite characters, I decided this week for the Opening of the Week series to look at the show’s first opening Answer by Bump of Chicken.

Everything about the show’s opening that makes it great comes from the band behind the music Bump of Chicken. Formed in 1994, Bump of Chicken has been making music for over 23 and has had much success among the general public of Japan.

The band brings their A game for “Answer,” a song that centers around someone who is looking for the reason that they are alive, and realizes that the only place the answer can come from is themselves.

The song has a lot of hard rock basis, although admittedly a bit more poppy than most hard rock songs. In fact, it is fair to say that the twinkling elements behind the guitar give the song the basis for its melody.

The visuals of the OP are on point as well. As I talked about in my last post on March Comes in Like a Lion, water serves as a great metaphor for how Rei spends most of the season’s first half drowning in his own emotions. This is metaphor plays out in the form of Rei floating in the ocean before coming to shore in an attempt to face his problem.

Overall, the opening does a great job at introducing the audience to the wonderful world of March Comes in Like a Lion.

What’s your favorite March opening? Do you even like this one? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos! Also, if you like what your reading and want to support The Aniwriter in future endeavors, consider supporting the site on Patreon. Even just a dollar a month would help.



2 thoughts on “Opening of the Week: Answer by Bump of Chicken(March Comes in Like a Lion OP 1)”

  1. I really enjoyed the first opening of March Comes in Like a Lion, and both of the openings for season 2 have been fantastic. I was less fond of the second opening of the first season. I just felt it didn’t quite fit as well. That said, my feature post next week is going to be about March Comes in Like a Lion if I can actually edit it into something readable in time.

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