Opening of the Week: The Day by PornoGraffitti(My Hero Academia OP 1)

Other than it’s impressive action scenes and title as one of Shonen’s rising stars, My Hero Academia has become fairly notable through its OPs, albeit mostly through memes. Many of these memes have featured fights between the second opening “Peace Sign,” which I have covered in this series, and “Sora no Utaeba,” the shows third opening. However, the one were covering today is the show’s first opening “The Day” by PornoGraffitti.

If you’ve read this series before, you know that I am a big fan of Rock in Openings. The fast pace and impactful sound of Rock makes a great backing to the usual action-packed visuals of Shonen openings. The Day is no exception, bringing an awesome rock ballad to sit behind a visually sufficient opening.

The great music can be attributed to PornoGraffitti, a band which has been active since 1994. They have contributed a fair amount of music to the anime world, including an opening for Bleach and one for Magi: Magic of the Labyrinth. While not necessarily unique in their J-Rock sound, Their lead singer Akihito Okano does have a kind of attention-grabbing presence behind the mike.

Overall, while not having the best visuals, the music more than makes up for it. This is definitely some of PornoGraffitti’s best work, and it feels like an opening that many will end up coming back to.

What do you guys think of The Day? Love it? Hate it? Let me know the comments below. Thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


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