Blog Update: 3-17-18 and 200 Post Celebration!

Hey Anifriends!

Its time again for another blog update, because I have a lot that I need to talk to you guys about.

First, I wanted to talk a little about why content has been a little inconsistent as of late, to say the least. A lot of my time recently has just been consumed with school, and that has meant that I have a lot less time to work on posts. Most of it, though, has to do with the fact that it seems like Depression is taking over my life as of late. There have been a lot of contributing factors. One is, again the amount of school work, and also I have had a couple of close friends leave my life for the time being. One has joined the army, which means I likely won’t get to see this person for a while, and the other has just seemed to stop talking to me. On top of just feeling not great about myself, it has culminated into a sort of stagnation, and at times being in a dark place that feels really hard to get out of.

Second, and it relates to the first point, because of the inconsistency in content, and because I don’t feel great about my quality right now, I will no longer be promoting my Patreon. Part of having a Patreon is the expectation that quality content will be delivered, and because I don’t feel like I am in a place to do that, I will stop putting it at the bottom of my post. When I get to a place where I feel like I deserve Patreon pledges, then I will start asking for them, but otherwise, it will remain empty. I do have a Kofi if you would like to donate individually, but that is all for the time being.

It is also been 200 posts since I started my blog. Since I have put out 200 posts into the world, I thought about doing something special. Many of you know my series Opening of the Week, where I talk about a certain anime opening of my choosing. Well, this time, I want you guys to choose. In the comments section of this post, write down an opening you would want me to cover. I will pick one randomly, and then cover it next week. The cutoff is Monday, so be sure to comment soon.

Thank for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


11 thoughts on “Blog Update: 3-17-18 and 200 Post Celebration!”

  1. An OP from this season? I’d nominate Slow Start. If it doesn’t have to be from this season, I’d love to see you break down Yuuki Yuuna, from ep 4 onwards. (It has an evolving OP.) But I don’t know if you’ve seen either.

    And gratz on 200 posts!


  2. Congratulations on 200 posts! That’s quite the achievement! Depression freaking sucks! It can be so hard if you are stuck in a dark place but just take your time and I hope it lifts soon! It’s awful that friends have left your life for different reasons, if you ever want to talk you can always DM me on twitter! If you don’t feel great about your content just give it some time! When you feel inspired or want to create then do so but don’t force yourself to create if you’re not happy! I hope things start picking up for you soon! I’ll always continue to support you!

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