30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 7: My Anime Crush

Hello, Anifriends

For the 7th 30 Day Anime Challenge, I’ll be talking about my anime crush.

This one is a category I really had to think about, mostly because I usually just enjoy the relationships between the characters in the show. But there is one character that sticks out in my mind:

Saber from the Fate Series


I’ll be honest, I do not really have a reason as to why Saber is my anime crush. She just kind of is. Through all of the iterations of the Fate franchise, she has always been my favorite part of the show.

One of the reasons might be her fighting. At least for me. the action scenes with her are always the coolest because of Excalibur. Using magic as a way to keep her sword invisible and thereby reducing the ability of her enemies to counter it is one of the things that I feel like is not explored enough by any of the iterations. I assume this is because it was originally a visual novel, and there was not a lot of action scenes to begin with.

Either way, I really enjoy her character. Is she best girl of the Fate series?


But she is certainly one of the more interesting characters, and that’s why I like her.

What anime character do you have a crush on? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!



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