30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9: The Best Anime Villain

Hello, Anifriends

For day nine, I’ll be talking about who I think is the best anime Villain.


I really did not have to think about this long before I came to a decision. This character was easily one of my favorites of last year, and something tells me that his influence will have a large effect on the story of the show he comes from.

The best anime villain for me is Stain from My Hero Academia.


I know a lot of people are still mad that My Hero Academia won so many of last’s year’s categories for the Crunchyroll anime awards, but best villain is one that I actually think it deserved.

Stain is a character who has a specific ideology. He does not just kill for killing sake, like the rest of the league of villains, but believes that by killing heroes he can make the world a better place, because heroes only save people in order to make money and to gain popularity, and to some extent, he’s right.

We see in the world building of My Hero Academia that there are people who only become heroes for self-gain, and who use their powers for selfish goals. This is why stain idolizes All Might, and why he saves Deku right before he dies. Stain believes that the only people who are truly deserving of the title hero are those who sacrifice themselves without a profit motive.

Of course, agreeing with someone’s assessment of the world does not mean you necessarily agree with the methods with which they go about solving said problem, and that’s what makes Stain such a great villain. You understand what he believes even if you don’t agree with his actions.

Who is do you think is the best anime villain? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


11 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 9: The Best Anime Villain”

  1. I’m not familiar with My Hero Academia despite some bloggers and a couple of real life friends begging me to check it it out. A lot of mainstream anime and movies aren’t my thing, but Stain does sound like an atypical villain from his motives. Having evil for evil’s sake villains can be boring more often than not.

    Here are some villains that I found to be effective and/or interesting in the realm of Japanese animation…

    Kano from Texhnolyze: He’s such a manipulative devil who is way too effective for his own good. It was fascinating seeing him work behind the scenes to try and “rebuild” the dystopia of Lux by killing people.

    Honi from Kurogane Communication: Honi is one of the scariest robots ever, yet he was programmed that way. He has a genocidal mission to take on some humans rumored to be outside of earth, but he will protect his “master” (spoilers avoided) at all costs.

    Jinsaku Ajo from Key the Metal Idol: Ajo is one creepy businessman and arms dealer to say the least. Also, his associate Sergei gets bonus points for being a very tough enforcer who can beat up anyone.

    Johan from Monster: Whoever though that some German bishonen could be like the Antichrist in human form. Seriously, Johan is super legit as a baddie.

    Claw from Kimba the White Lion: He has a good balance of being dastardly and funny. That and he’s the first black-maned evil lion who takes over a kingdom, has a wounded left eye, and has hyena henchman even though a certain Hollywood company won’t admit it.

    Aki from Shadow Star Narutaru: Four words…Most evil bully EVER!

    LT. Colonel Shaddle from Yugo the Negotiator: One would think he’d be an ally to Yugo, but that is CERTAINLY not the case. He’s willing to slaughter an entire village just to get him and to cease any negotiation deals going on.

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    1. I’ll be totally honest, I haven’t seen any of these shows, but the descriptions you give are very convincing. whoops, I lied, I have heard of Monster, and I really want to watch it!

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