30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 15: My Favorite Animal Sidekick

Hello, Anifriends

For a lot of anime, the main characters usually have some kind of sidekick. Most of the time they show up in Shonen or Magical Girl anime, and are usually just there as a mascot. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite animal sidekick.


This is another one that did not really take much thought at all. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely a lot of fun animal sidekicks out there, but the one I prefer the most is Happy from Fairytail.


There is a lot to like about happy. Sure, he can get annoying sometimes, but he is also really funny and a great addition to the main cast. He constantly keeps Natsu in check, makes fun of Grey and Lucy, and always knows just how to get on Erza’s nerves.

He also has a pretty good arc of the story focused on himself, specifically when it comes to his existence as an exceed. It wasn’t the best part of the show by far, but it was an interesting bit of world building that allowed Happy to grow as a character in a way he otherwise would not have.

He’s honestly not even one of the best characters in Fairytail, but still an enjoyable presence none the less.

Which anime sidekick is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


5 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 15: My Favorite Animal Sidekick”

  1. Happy is a pretty cute pet to have around! He is my favourite from Fairy Tail but I think overall I’d go for Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou. 🙂

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