Blog Update: Opening of the Week, Possible Name Change, and More…

Welcome, friends

Its been a little bit since I’ve done one of these updates, and there are a few things regarding the blog that I really wanted to address, so lets get started.

First, I want to talk about a series I do on my blog called Opening of the Week. I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog for an extended period of time then you’ve probably at least seen a preview of one an Opening of the Week post before. I originally started writing it because I wanted to write about anime openings, but now, having gone through a ton of different openings, I do not feel as inspired to write them. Which is why, at least for the time being, I am going to retire the series. I might bring it back occasionally when I see an opening I really like, but other than that it will remain off of the blog.

Second, in August of last year, this blog had a completely different name. Originally titled That Guy Who Writes, I felt the name was too generic and I should change it. However, even after changing it again to its current name, I still feel like the blog is lacking a little personal flare. Just for the record though, if I do decide on a different name, I will give another update a few days before I do it, as I did the last time I changed my name. There is nothing set in stone yet, but if I do think of something else, then the name will likely be changed.

Lastly, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I will be coming up on a year soon for this blog and it has definitely been a fun ride. Getting to talk to fellow bloggers, be apart of community projects, like book Arthifis started and that I got to contribute to, and just in general have a good time writing. It is a little weird to think there are people who actually enjoy reading the things I write, but maybe I need to stop thinking like that.

Keep being awesome, friends.


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2 thoughts on “Blog Update: Opening of the Week, Possible Name Change, and More…”

  1. Ooooh thank you so much for mentioning my little project eheh I’m happy that you had fun!

    Regarding the rest, well my thoughts about blogging is always “Do your own thing and what you think is right” 😀 So change your blog the way you want, I’ll be here reading it nevertheless… After I come from my hiatus that is xD

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