Across Universes

There is a prominent idea in science that states that universe is actually made up of multiple universes.
Each new universe we create is filled with the decisions we did or did not, will and will not make.
Every new universe means there is always a new what if that plays out an entirely different way.
It is not crazy to think that in this infinitesimally vast amount of universes, there is one in which the stars exploded and killed us all.
If there was ever a question about ending up in a universe without you, then I might have to make the stars explode.
There is a scientific theory that states that all matter expanded outward from a singular point.
I have always wondered whether or not the Big Bang Theory and the Multiverse theory we’re mutually exclusive.
If there was ever a universe in which you did not exist because the perfect combination of cosmic dust did float into the same orbit, then I would collect it all and put you together myself.

It is crazy to think that I could live without you at all. Solitude would only bring me closer to my heat death.


Inspired by: Orange

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