Which is the Best Season of Voltron?

With the release of season six earlier this summer, Voltron has a series has had many ups and downs and intense emotional moments. It’s gone from an enemy of the week Mecha show to full-on intergalactic drama with characters like Allura at the center.

This radical change from its beginning to its most recent season has left me wondering about something: which season of Voltron is the best? For this question, I thought it would be helpful to recruit some other fans of the show in order to give a diversity of opinion on the matter.

As for myself, I would say overall season 6 is by far and away the best on a story level. Taking away the fact that the characters in season 6 have had more time to develop, the writing is absolutely incredible. Lotor as an ally of the Paladins becomes all the more believable as he and Allura become all the more close. The relationship between Pidge and her brother Max is brought to a height, and Lance’s feelings for Allura become all the more real after Lotor’s Betrayal. But what did other fellow bloggers have to say?

Sam from A Nerdy Perspective

Every season of Voltron has its own set of strengths as weaknesses. That being said season two stands out the most in terms of being the best season. While season one was a fantastic opening into the Voltron universe it still acts as a transition period for both the series and the viewer to find their feet. Seasons three through five were a messy, chaotic period where action and burning questions were appearing left, right and center. Season six resolved a lot of the plot holes but certain parts felt unsatisfactory so I continuously gravitate towards season two. It’s well balanced in my eyes. You’ve already gotten familiar with the characters and the laws of the universe and the season also manages to balance serious and light-hearted moments without swinging too far either way. The season both starts and finish on a very strong note urging the viewer to continue to see what the cliffhangers bring. It has it’s fair share of more serious moments whether it be Shiro being injured at the beginning or Keith learning more about his past. However, episodes such as Space Mall, The Depthsand Eye of the Storm balance out these more serious moments giving the serious parts of the story time to breathe and the viewer a chance to get to know the characters a little bit better and have a bonding moment with them all. It is also a season where plenty of action has taken place but as a viewer, it’s exciting to see what has yet to present itself. Season two definitely holds up as the best season for myself.

Scott of Mechanical Anime Reviews

Season 6 is my favorite season of Voltron: Legendary Defenders so far. There are a few things wrong about it like how it’s paced and how it doesn’t answer some of the questions presented in its own plot, but the sixth season has had the most impact and payoffs so far. Every season of Voltron after the second season has been building to this one. The questions centered around Keith’s origins were answered in an organic way. Even if Keith’s mom didn’t feel like answering questions, they were on a mission going through some space thing that showed flashbacks of Keith’s origins. Everything seemed to appear organically as well. Then there are other things centered around what happened to Shiro after season two. Let’s not forget to mention the final unveiling of Prince Lotor’s plan and who he is behind his sophisticated façade after he snapped from insanity. In the end of season six, our Voltron crew gave up their home to keep the fabric of the universe intact, which shows how heroic they all are. If none of that counts, season six also had the show’s first legitimate robot vs robot fight which automatically sets it apart from every other season of Voltron out there. I can’t wait for season 7.

Naja of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Dreamwork’s Voltron Legendary Defender, it had me hooked from the very first episode and it’s only gotten better as the seasons progressed. Each new season builds on the groundwork laid by the previous ones creating something that is wholly unique from the existing Voltron mythos. So, singling one season out as my absolute favorite was not an easy task, each season has its merits, but, if I had to choose, I’d have to go with… Season 3! This was a season of transition for the series, Shiro is gone, Zarkon is out of commission, everyone is having to reassess everything they’ve known up until this point. The paladins have to adjust to not having their leader and their new roles within the team, especially Keith who struggles with his newfound responsibilities as a team leader. It’s not something that comes naturally to him like it does with Shiro, and he buckles under the weight of it all, definitely a Keith-centric series. But, my absolute favorite part of this season was the Voltron origins story we get in the last episode of season 3, that completely turns everything on its head, suddenly everything isn’t so cut and dry. The Galra who we’re supposed to “hate” are somewhat redeemed, they weren’t inherently evil, they became that way due to circumstances beyond their control (well, for the most part). Their intentions at the start were just as noble as the Alteans, if not more so, which makes their ultimate turn all the more tragic.

Thank you to Sam, Scott, and Naja for contributing to this post. This was actually my first ever collaboration with other bloggers and It turned out great. Voltron has become one of my favorite series, and Its great to know there are others who love it too. How do you guys feel about Voltron? If you have watched the series, which season is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support the Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


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  1. This was great, never have I ever seen a collab like this. I like how if of you gave really good reasons why you prefer the season you prefer. I for my part wasn’t sure before reading this but for as much as I liked season 6, I gotta agree with Sam and say my favorite do far is season 2, seems like it better balanced

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