18 thoughts on “The Create-a-Story Tag: Aniwriter Edition”

  1. Shouldn’t it be “riveting?” Since it nails you down with attention or fear? Writing fiction, especially short stories, is something you either have the drive to do or don’t have it. If you have the drive, you will write, and hopefully get better. Eventually the drive will leave you and while you won’t be able to write anymore (and I speak from experience), you will also feel relief. So best of luck and keep at it as long as you can. Even a few hours a day and a few pages, adds up to a novel over a few weeks time.

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    1. I think you’re pretty much spot on. My problem is that I get distracted very easily and that my level of drive is extremely inconsistent. I’ve been trying to counteract that problem by writing all of my ideas down somewhere as soon as they pop into my head.


      1. Sometimes it is better to let the ideas simmer so you can erupt with writing like a volcano going off. If you simmer and spume and then erupt with 10 pages of good writing, and go back LATER to edit because that keeps your flow going better, that’s better than a page of good notes which never becomes a story. I know from experience. Lots of notes, not so many good stories. Still, my best fanfiction stories got over 25K views. That said, a friend got 10x more. Writing fan fiction is easy and accessible for both writer and fans, and has an audience and a place to post stories (fanfiction.net). HOWEVER, original fiction is YOURS, and Amazon will let you publish for free and maybe get you some money via their Kindle Unlimited package. Its about a dollar a read, so is barely beer-money, but its better than nothing. That didn’t even exist when I started writing, probably around the time you were born, and mostly stopped by the millenium.

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  2. You really did a great job here! Wonderful story that I enjoyed reading a lot. Especially liked the end of it! 😊 It’s really difficult to create a story with these kind of boundaries, but you pulled if off, and then some 😊

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  3. I love how you name things the most. “Aquarius St.” and “Ecstatic Family’s Bread”…
    Thank you for the tag. I hope to get to it after my finals end midway through the month.

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  4. This was a really nice an relaxing story! I love the rain so reading about it was really nice. Your naming sense is pretty amazing as well ahaha :’)

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  5. Oh, what a nice story. I love the one hour a week rain. And the ending on the roof top. I have always dreamed about sitting on a roof top, dangling my legs over the edge like that. Not that I ever will, I am crazy afraid of heights but still, those are the things I love to read about. Awesomely done! Keep writing man.

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