Untitled, or not, I’m not sure

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter.

A poem about titles, because why not. Here ya go:

When I thought about what to write for this poem,
I didn’t start with a title.
Despite this being my usual working style, something told me to forgo it.
Titles are often just short summaries, a fraction of a fraction.
They can tell you everything, and nothing.
In that regard, they’re quite useless, aren’t they?
Titles also make us think about what it is we’re about to read, watch, etc.
For example, the title “Death of a salesman” might get us thinking, both in a literal
and figurative way.
People make judgments based off of titles, and no matter how often you tell somebody
“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it won’t change the fact that its a lot easier to read the
cliff notes version than a whole book.
Most often when I think of titles, I think of what the author thinks of that thing.
It is easy to engage with a piece of art and come away with a completely different
idea of the work than even the author, similar to how everyone jumping into a pool
will always have a slightly different splash, or maybe a very different splash.
Titles are often the rival of expectations, and much like a pool, expectations can often be
surface level, until you splash further down.

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