This Week in Anime: Article Shout-Out Edition #3

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter.

Every so often I take a break from talking about the news to dedicate more time to look at the awesome stuff being written by fellow bloggers and internet writers alike, and this week is another such week. So, without further ado, here are some awesome articles you should read from the past week.

Am I a Top 5 Aniblogger?!

Irina from I drink and watch anime wrote a pretty funny post about the different types of anime bloggers in the community. I’m not sure exactly which one I fall into, but I could definitely fit some other bloggers into her categories. Either way, It was still a great read. I would highly recommend you read it.

Made in Abyss is an Awesome Adventure

Lethargic Ramblings posted a great write-up of their personal experience with one of 2017’s break-out hits: Made in Abyss. They talk about how initially they weren’t particularly fond of it but have very much changed their minds. Go ahead and give it a read.

Should I be Watching Takagi-san?

Jon Spencer of Jon Spencer reviews wrote a mini-review of the 2018 slice of life comedy series, and it is well written to be sure. He keeps it short, pointing out some of the best aspects of the show. Even if you don’t end up watching it, go ahead and give the review a read.

Gosick is pretty cool

Irina also had an awesome review of the anime series Gosick this week. It’s a BONES production which came out in 2011 eleven and is a relatively obscure series. Irina does a great job of talking about everything in the show, from its visual style to its narrative structure. Check it out.

Our Cells Sure are at Work

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews had a more personal post this week in the form of a discussion around Cells at Work! In the post, he talks about some personal stories that relate to the inner workings of our bodies. Some are funny, some are a bit more serious. All are fantastic reads.

Hitting Milestones

Finally, Biblionyan wrote a post about celebrating hitting 500 followers on her blog. They’re doing a Q & A plus a giveaway for those who comment on the post. They’ve written great stuff in the past, so be sure to check them out and show some love.

Which of these posts/articles did you guys enjoy the most? did I leave anything awesome out? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you want to support The Aniwriter through donations or are just feeling generous, consider buying me a coffee on Ko-Fi. Otherwise, thanks for reading and bye for now, Friendos!


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