Aniwriter Update #4: Taking a Break

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to another update.

So, I think its fair to say that I haven’t been as productive as I could be. A lot of my attention is being diverted elsewhere, and I am not exactly happy with the quality of my writing right now. I’m also not happy with the amount of free time I have, which has made it impossible to tackle all of the stuff that I want to do/watch/play etc.

This is why I have decided to take a break from blogging. I actually have been thinking about this for a while now but I never vocalized it at all because I wasn’t sure whether or not I really wanted to do it. But, after the last few days of toiling with the idea, I thought it would be overall better for me to do so.

However, I don’t want anyone to misunderstand. It’s not that I’m quitting or even really tired of blogging. I am mainly doing this so I can try and tackle all of the things that I want to watch anime wise and do some other stuff. It will also give me a chance to read posts again on a regular basis, especially since I’ve been so bad about reading them recently.

As for how long I will be gone, I would say two weeks to a month would probably be a good estimate.

I’ll still be around on social media if anyone needs to get in contact with me, and there’s also my email.

Sakuga City and OWLS

More than likely I will still be writing my monthly OWLS post and writing for Sakuga City as well so that I don’t get too lazy, but aside from that and update posts there probably won’t be anything else.

I appreciate you all for understanding, and I will see ya around!


8 thoughts on “Aniwriter Update #4: Taking a Break”

  1. Ya, if you saw my post a couple of weeks back, I’m going through the same thing. Taking time to step back, re-evaluate, and re-balance is a Very Good Thing. We’ll still be here when you’re ready.

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