Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 1 Reaction

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If there is one thing I like to avoid in talking about a show, it’s using other shows to describe them because it seems unfair to categorize the interesting parts of one show as just a reskin of a different show. I see this happen with a lot of different shonen series that inevitably get compared to Dragon Ball Z, even though many of those shows have a lot more to offer than just being a different Dragon ball. With that being said, I could not watch this show without immediately getting reminded of one of my favorite shows, Oregairu.


Bunny Girl Senpai is about Sakuta, a high school kid who happens to see one of his senpais walking around in a bunny costume. However, as he comes to find, there is a lot more to it than that. Sakuta starts to take an interest in his senpai due to, as it is revealed later in the episode, most of his high school class wants nothing to do with him. When he talks to his senpai Mai, he finds out that she suffers from adolescence syndrome, and now that she has gone on hiatus from being a movie and tv star, people are starting to ignore her existence.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 16.02.09.png

The immediate parallels should be obvious. Both main characters had events happen outside of their control that made it so their high school class ostracized them, and both immediately met a female character who is in a similar situation for a much different reason. Kaede also seems to be playing a somewhat similar role to Yui from Oregairu, although their personalities are much different. One thing that seems to be different between Hikigaya and Sakuta is their willingness to embrace their outsider status. At the beginning of Oregairu, it seemed as though Hikigaya did not care much at all about the social caste he has found himself in, whereas Sakuto seems to be in a much different situation.

Kokoro Connect.jpg

A more subtle and buy much less obvious comparison to make would be with Kokoro Connect. The main premise of Bunny Girl Senpai centers around the idea of Adolescence Syndrome, which are the strange occurrences that happen due to the sensitivity and stress of being a teenager. Kokoro Connect, while never directly linking its premise to this idea, seems to be largely based off of it.

Screenshot 2018-11-06 16.14.11.png

Even on its own merits, however, Bunny Girl Senpai seems to be just as interesting, and maybe even more so than those shows. While not exactly having the greatest production, it is good enough so that it does not matter much. The story so far has been incredibly engaging, despite only being one episode in. I would be lying if I said that I knew exactly where the show was going, but I think it will be good nonetheless.

Also, random last minute shoutout to the music, cause it was low key really good.

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