Zombieland Saga Episode One Reaction

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I think it would be fair to say that, despite my recommendations of series like The Devil is a Part-Timer, I have not actually done a whole lot of discussion on Comedy focused anime. Most of the time, when I am watching comedy anime, my analytical side tends to just turn off in favor of having fun. However, since Zombieland Saga was one of the most popular shows of the last season, I figured it would be worth my time to watch at least one episode.

The premise is fairly simple. Sakura Minamoto is a second-year high school student who, on the first day of the school year, gets hit by a truck and dies. What to her feels like waking up only a few hours later she soon finds out has been ten years, and that she was revived by Tatsumi Koutarou, who wants to put together a zombie idol group in order to save Saga.

Much like The Devil is a Part-Timer, Zombieland Saga’s premise is both insanely stupid and yet immediately funny. The idea of some random dude who barely explains himself to the newly revived Sakura and proceeds to just make an idol group out of the lot that he has assembled is pretty hilarious.

Of course, it can only be funny for so long without some decent execution of the comedy itself, and it that department Zombieland Saga delivers. It does not take a long-winded explanation to find the opening scene in which the bright and cheery, ready to conquer the world Sakura Minamoto gets hit by a truck absolutely hilarious. Sure, at the end of the day, it is fairly dark humor, but it hits well nonetheless.

Another hilarious moment in the first episode is the metal concert scene, in which the main characters all just start screaming on top of a random metal instrumental, and then the crowd gets into it. The way the girls are animated leaning all the way back into their headbanging is probably the funniest part of the who scene.

Overall, the first episode was fantastic. It pulled no punches in its comedic execution and definitely left me wanting more, so I will probably continue with the series until the end. If you have not watched it yet, check it out.

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