Guy Who Thought SAO Was the Best Anime Ever Actually Watches Show

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In an event that surprised many of those around him, and also left him wondering what he had been thinking, a man recently discovered that Sword Art Online, one of the most popular anime series to come out in the 2010’s, is actually not as great as many people claim it to be.

Devin Williams, 18, was hanging out with his friends in his two bedroom apartment on a Friday night. Williams walked into the living room where his roommate happened to be watching Sword Art Online. “I remember he said that he said ‘hey, you guys should come to watch this show with me,'” Williams said about the experience, “and so we watched it, and man, it was awful.”

Before the event, Williams had always had the impression that SAO was a really good show because everyone would talk about it all the time. “All of the people I know would tell me that it’s god’s gift to earth, but it’s just not true at all.”

When asked to comment on Williams’ revelation, many in his own family disagreed. “Are you kidding me,” his mother said, “Sword Art Online is the greatest show ever. I really like that part with Asuna trapped in a cage. It really adds to the drama of it all…”

“I just don’t know what to do,” Williams said, “Everywhere I go its people talking about the Sword Art Online. I just wish they would actually watch it to see how awful it is.”

Ok, so in case you guys did not see the tags or category for this post, it is a satire piece. I don’t actually think SAO is that bad, I just thought it would be a fun topic for satire article. But, since SAO is a show that I don’t normally talk about on The Aniwriter, I am curious: How do you all feel about the series? Let me know in the comments below. Also, consider supporting me on Ko-fi:

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If you can’t, or just don’t feel like it, no worries. Thank you all for reading. Goodbye, for now, Friendos!


2 thoughts on “Guy Who Thought SAO Was the Best Anime Ever Actually Watches Show”

  1. SAO isn’t the greastest of all time but it’s not trash either. Honestly its a good show that’s entertaining to watch, it has major flaws but you can look past them especially with the second and third seasons. Thebest comparison I can make is Darker than Black, it’s a fun ride and a nice starting point but it has problems. Now that I think about it SAO actually got me back into anime because I didn’t really care for anime at that point. I watched Naruto, FMA, DBZ, Bleach, etc when I was a kid but I just stopped messing with anime until I was 15 which is when I saw SAO (2 years after it came out).

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