Dororo Episode One Reaction

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As I talked about in my most anticipated anime of winter 2019 list, as soon as I looked up the history of Dororo, I was immediately interested in it. The story of a kid who lost most of his body parts because his dad made a deal with Demons, and now he goes around slaying said demons in order to get those body parts back. So, how did Dororo turn out?

Well, for the most part pretty well. The story centers around Daigo, a prominent government official who makes a deal with Demons and tells them that they can have anything that they want in exchange for power. The Demons then decided to take the body parts of his newly born son, at which point Daigo decides to get rid of his son against the will of his mother, and so he is sent down the river by one of his aids. Sixteen years later and Dororo, a child thief meets up with Hyakkimaru, a mysterious man who looks barely human.

One thing that the show does really well right off the bat is its animation. Sure, its nothing incredible, but it definitely looks above average, especially the fight scene near the end. Most of this can be attributed to studio MAPPA, who regularly has fairly high production value.

Now, if that felt like a fairly generic compliment, its because it was. To tell you the truth, I don’t have any unique opinions on the show’s first episode because overall, while it was definitely good, there was nothing that stood out as unique one way or the other.

One minor complaint I have about the show personally is that it feels odd that it is titled Dororo when what seems like the obvious focus of the show is Hyakkimaru. This may just be ignorance because I don’t know a ton about where the story goes from here, but it still seems like an odd choice.

Again, I don’t have to much of a unique opinion on this show, so I’ll spare you a long-winded post, but I do think that it has an interesting premise and I will definitely be keeping up with it to see where it goes from here.

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