Release of Kingdom Hearts 3 Causes Massive, World Wide Sigh of Relief

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In an event that most people never thought possible, the popular game series Kingdom Hearts released its third main installment. Realizing that the game actually physically exists, many of its fans got together at multiple places around the world to sigh all at once.


The events were not organized at all. In fact, most of them happened between groups of fans that just happened to be standing around in various places where they live. One such event happened in New York City, where thousands of Kingdom Hearts fans were seemingly drawn to Times Square in order to let a huge sigh of relief.

Elliot Smith was one such participant in the event in New York City, and when asked about the event, he said “It was weird. Everyone was just standing there, breathing in and out, but somehow it just felt right.” Jamie Stanford, who was at an event in Tampa, Florida, echoed a similar statement, saying “I really don’t know why any of us did it, but man did it feel good.”

Many of those same fans have happily abandoned all real-world responsibilities in order to play the game. One man, who wished not to be identified said. “I’ll play this game even if it kills me.”

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