Aniwriter Update #13: Kingdom Hearts and School

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Another two weeks have gone by and, well, even with school back in session and still being busy at work, not a lot has actually happened over the past two weeks, especially not for the blog. But, let us get into what has happened anyway.

Kingdom Hearts 3

If you have checked any social media platform recently, you will know that the Kingdom Hearts 3 craze is in full effect, so much so that I wrote a joke article about it earlier this week, and I have not been an exception to that rule. I got my copy at a prerelease the day before it came out, and Its been consuming most of my free time. Its been really enjoyable, and the writing, for as weird and complicated of a series as Kingdom Hearts is, has actually been pretty good, especially considering the number of loose ends the series has had to tie up. Definitely a satisfying game.

A Quick Note for the Coming Year

I don’t know if I have ever actually explicitly said this before, but as of right now I am taking classes at my local community college while also working part-time. Starting in the fall of this year I will be moving up to University so that I can finally start on getting my degree, which at this point is probably going to be English, although that could change. It’s hard to say how busy I am going to be when I finally get there, and I honestly don’t know how much that will affect my ability to post. This won’t be for a while now, but just something I thought was worth mentioning.

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