What Else Should You Watch: The Promised Neverland

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Well, its been a while since I’ve done one of these, but since everyone seems to be really enjoying The Promised Neverland, I though I would help out by giving some alternate recommendations for when the show eventually ends.

Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is a show that’s become pretty famous for a number of reasons, but if you have yet to see it then do so. The show exists in a similar vein to The Promised Neverland, being a mix of horror and thriller elements, as well as having a lot of action thrown in just for good measure.

The story follows Tatsumi, a boy who’s mission to help his small, rural town leads him to join Night Raid, a group of assassins associated with the revolutionary army trying to take down the current government. During his quest he meets many interesting people, and finds those people carrying powerful weapons as well.

If your expecting this show to be some generic, happy go lucky shonen, then your going to be sorely mistaken. I often compare it to Game of Thrones, just for the sheer amount of death going on, but I’ll just let you guys find out how much for yourselves.

Terror in Resonance

If your looking something for something a bit more cerebral and are not as interesting in the horror/thriller elements, than I would highly recommend taking a look at Terror in Resonance.

The story revolves around two teens with the nicknames Nine and Twelve, who decide enacting their revenge on the world by blowing up large buildings. Meanwhile, a high school girl whose life has been miserable by those around her have a run in with the two. Things only get weirder from their.

Terror in Resonance is a show that got me thinking. A lot. It is a show that at its core asks the question “what does fairness even mean?” It takes the time to answer that question from the perspective of multiple characters, each trying to advance their own plans and do what they think is right, and at the end of it all, you might not know what is. But, if you don’t care about that stuff, at the very least you should watch it for how good the music is and how absolutely gorgeous the animation from studio MAPPA sounds.

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