Final Thoughts: The Seven Deadly Sins

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Well, Here’s another show that I finally got around to finishing that I have been putting off for a while. So without further ado, here are my final thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins

Diminishing Enthusiasm

Part of what makes a shonen entertaining, at least to me, is to keep the show exciting even in some of the slower parts where there is more world-building and less action. I’ll admit that during the first season when all of the characters were being introduced and each of the sins essentially got their own introduction arc, I was pretty entertained. However, a lot of what has come after has left me feeling more and more like I was watching it because I had to. It became more and more like a chore, especially during the second half of the second season. Not that there were not entertaining parts.

The introduction of Escanor was pretty exciting, especially when we got to see what his power was. I also definitely enjoyed some of the parts that talked about, or at least alluded to, Meliodas’ connection to the demon race. But, aside from the occasional interesting tid bit or cool fight scene, it did get rather boring.

The Seven Deadly Sins as a Concept

A lot of what The Seven Deadly Sins does in execution is something I can only really some up with the word “meh.” However, I do like it a lot as a concept.

For example, I love the idea of a war between all the different races that inhabit the world leading to a complete power shift and having the demons try and seek their revenge as a result. I also did not mind the use of power levels in the show’s second season because the power levels themselves made sense it context. Again, though, the problem I had was with the execution.

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3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts: The Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. I haven’t seen this anime yet. I’ll be honest, a lot of mixed reviews on it have kind of kept me from checking it out. I remember watching the trailer for is once and thought maybe this isn’t for me. But I also love shonen dearly, so I’m always conflicted lol.

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