Dr. Stone Episode One Reaction

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The summer season is here and the first episode of one of the most hyped shows both of the season and the year is finally out. Dr. Stone, who’s anime announcement came earlier this year, is now officially available on streaming platforms, and it is time to talk about it.

Dr. Stone focuses on a world in which everyone has been turned to stone, after a mysterious green light appears. The show then opens on Taiji, who, during the opening moments of the show, was trying to confess his love to one of his best friends Yuzuriha, and reawakens alone in a cave. Taiji soon discovers his genius friend Senku, and together the two work to survive and eventually rebuild humanity.

While the first episode mostly focuses on Taiji’s struggle in wanting to revive his friend, it is pretty clear that the show’s main character is Senku, the scientific genius. However, I do also appreciate the contrast brought by the two of them together.

Taiji, as Senku says, is clearly the bronze of their operation, doing all of the heavy lifting and dirty work, while Senku is the brains. Each of the two contribute what they can, and together they solve problems. This kind of dynamic right off the bat makes the first episode not only interesting, but inviting. It allows for a bit of relaxation before the main conflict to come.

Another aspect of the first episode I enjoyed was how each of the characters had their personalities established quickly and effectively. Taiji, through ignoring Senku’s assistance in confessing to his friend, showed how earnest and straightforward he is. Meanwhile, Senku showed numerous times throughout the episode just how smart he is, and also how much he values science, saying near the end that he “wants to beat fantasy with science.”

This would be the part where I criticize the show, but to be honest, there is not a whole lot Dr. Stone did wrong. The most I could say is that starting with Taiji even though Senku does not make a lot of sense, but even then it was still a good setup.

Dr. Stone’s first episode was fantastic. It established the story and its characters well, and did not do a whole lot wrong. Overall, I am excited to see where the series goes.

What are your thoughts on Dr. Stone? Let me know in the comments.

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