Animated Observations Update #3

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

First off, I want to just say once again thank you to everyone who reads my work here one Animated Observations. I started this blog as a way to escape the real world and deal with my depression in a more manageable way. Since then, I’ve gone through a few name changes, but I have also managed to deal with a lot of my problems from when I started. I am two years in and approaching almost 300 followers, which is crazy to think about. Of course, I probably would be writing stuff even if I did not have an audience, but its always nice to have people willing to levy criticism. So, again, thank you all. With that said though, here is everything I have to update you all on this month.

Solidly Liquid (Sorry, I need the self promo)

I know I have mentioned it a lot already, but If you have not yet, you should check out my new writing blog, Solidly liquid, and follow the blog on social media. It would be a big help in getting my writing out there. I post at least once a week. Right now, I have been focusing mainly on poetry, but I hope to add some other stuff there in the future.

Seasonal Anime and Doing My Own Thing

I have had a lot of problems with balancing both relevant topics and my own creative endeavors, but as of now I am just gonna drop the balancing act and focus on the things I want to write about. Tbh, I was never really that good at it anyway.

All this really means at this point is that any of the seasonal first impressions and episode reactions will just get replaced by other things. Apologies to those who were looking for more seasonal content to consume, It’s just not what I enjoy writing about. I will still probably keep up on some of the seasonal shows, just will not be writing about them anymore.

My New Hobbie: SMASHing

Ok, bad joke. But yeah, I’ve been playing/watching a lot of competitive smash, and I have really been enjoying it. Can’t say I am particularly good, but am definitely learning a lot the more I play. I have also started going to weeklies in my area, and I also got to try commentating, which was a lot of fun.

Admittedly, since I am a pretty emotional personal, losing hits pretty hard, but overall its been a great experience and the people at my weeklies are cool for the most part.

School and Overall Content

College is something I have found, even doing it part time, can take away a lot of your ability to do what you want, which is why doing it full time is probably going to require most of my attention. That being said, it probably means that overall content on this blog is going to be a lot lower. Of course, I would still like to try and be as consistent as possible, so I am going to set myself to a goal of at least one post a week, even when college gets busy.

I start on the 21st of next month, so I still have a bit of time, but I felt it would be better to let you all know now.

What anime have you all been enjoying lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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If you can’t, or just don’t feel like it, no worries. Thank you all for reading, and goodbye, for now, friends!

5 thoughts on “Animated Observations Update #3”

  1. Best of luck with your studies.
    As for anime, I’m really enjoying a lot this season as there are so many good shows and so many interesting shows that just happen to be the kind of story I enjoy. Astra Lost in Space is probably my favourite of the new shows so far, but there’s a lot of competition.

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