30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 6

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

Welcome to day six of the 30 Day FMA Challenge

6. Favorite Male Non-Alchemist

Maes Hughes has been a fan favorite among many, including myself, since the original, with many, including myself, being disappointed with his early exit from the show in Brotherhood. Still, a mediocre representation in Brotherhood, he’s still my favorite non-alchemist.

A lot of that is due to his bright and bubbly personality. Whether it be fawning over his daughter and wife, or enjoying the sweet pleasure that is annoying Roy Mustang on a near-daily basis, he always serves as a great bit of comic relief and fun side character in general. A good example of this is when Ed, Al, and Winry all come over to his house for the first time to have dinner, where Hughes goes on for a while about all of the great things in his life, including his wife and daughter.

Still, duality can also be a good thing. Another thing that makes Hughes a great character is his relationship with Mustang. Throughout the early episodes, it is clear that Hughes is doing everything he can to help Mustang accomplish his goal of becoming Fuhrer. However, that assistance leads to him learning things he wasn’t supposed to know, and then his famous death.

Hughes death also represents an important turning point in the show. It is a realization that something is wrong in Amestria, something that goes all the way up to the top. It is a traumatic moment for most of the show’s major characters, most notably Roy Mustang.

Who’s you favorite non-alchemist character? Let me know in the comments.

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