30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 12

It is day twelve of the 30 Day FMA Challenge.

12: Favorite Member of the Millitary

My favorite member of the military is most certainly Riza Hawkeye. Aside from being an all around cool character, she also has a lot of compelling personal development. Much of her role in the beginning is assisting Roy, who in turn is helping the Elric brothers. However, later on, at least in Brotherhood, she becomes much more important, as not only a hostage, but also as our view of Fuhrer Bradley. During this part of the series, we see how deeply she cares for those around.

Aside from her own personal development, she also serves a role in assisting Roy Mustangs’s development. In the beginning, it is shown almost immediately that the two are important to each other, both in the way they interact and through their expressions towards each other. Later on, it’s shown that the reason the two are so close is because Roy learned his Alchemy from Hawkeye’s father, and his death became a turning point for both of them.

In both cases, the struggles she faced were intense, but made her who she is, someone who is both strong-willed and loyal to Mustang.

What other characters do you guys like? Let me know in the comments below.

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