30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 13

It’s day thirteen of the 30 Day FMA.

13: Favorite Underrated Character

Someone who I think often times gets written off as an unimportant, and thus unnecessary, character is Mira Armstrong, from FMA Brotherhood. Now, while it is true that her screen time is relatively limited, and her arc at the northern border of Drachma is a short one, only lasting a combined few episodes or so, It is worth giving her some attention.

Mira’s introduction gives her the appearance of a cold-hearted warrior, and someone who, almost quite literally takes no prisoners. The first introduces her while Ed and Al head north to see if they can get help in their ongoing struggle against Bradley. When they meet, Mira tells the Elric brothers that they have to follow her rules or they are getting thrown out into the cold. Even while the two are staying at the fort, she does not go easy on them, making them pick icicles off the wall the first few minutes they get there.

However, as the show reveals later on, a lot of this is a mask put on by Mira. For as tough as she initially seemed, Mira mindset is actually one of deep connection and familial love. She is someone who, while harsh on the outside, does so to protect the people who work under her. A good example of this is when one of the generals from Central comes to the fort, and Mira tells the other crew members that if anything happens to her, they should act like they do not know anything at all.

What makes Mira such an interesting character is the way her personality is slowly revealed to be a hidden dichotomy. Much like the place she guards, Mira is on the outside unforgiving, while on the inside warm and understanding.

Who’s you favorite underrated character? Let me know in the comments below.

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