30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 14

It is day fourteen of the 30 Day FMA Challenge.

14. Favorite Type of Alchemy

To tell you all the truth, I am a pretty simple dude, and when I watched the original FMA, the scene that stood out to me the most was Ed and Roy’s fight in the yard at central. Seeing flame alchemy for the first time was the coolest thing my twelve-year-old mind had ever seen. seven years later, and not much has changed. Flame alchemy is still awesome.

One of the things that drew me to it initially was the explanation behind how it worked, and how, using alchemy, Mustang can create a narrow pathway of oxygen through which the fire from his alchemy always hits its target, meaning that he has a large amount of control over his power. This makes the alchemy not only flashy and interesting, but extremely deadly and flexible in use.

On the opposite side of things though, it is also pretty funny that flame alchemy cannot be used in the rain, and watching that get in the way of Roy Mustang fighting, can be hilarious, especially when Ed is right there to make fun of him for it.

It is a fairly unique form of alchemy that is utilized fairly well, in its pairing with Roy Mustang, and its overall implementation throughout FMA’s story. and for that I appreciate flame alchemy a lot.

What is your favorite type of alchemy? Let me know in the comments.

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