30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 16

Welcome to the second half of the 30 Day FMA Challenge.

16. Favorite Title Given to a State Alchemist

Hey, if nothing else, Shou Tucker has a pretty school state title.

Despite being a pretty terrible person, Shou Tucker’s designation as the “Sewing Life” alchemist is pretty cool. The name implies a sort of gentle magic with which he can create something new, like the chimera he creates that gave him his name in the first place. In fact his personality when he first meets the Elric brothers reflects that heavily.

However, when it is revealed that He originally created his talking Chimera by using his wife and another animal, and then uses his daughter Nina and her dog to do the same, this name takes on a much creepier connotation. It then becomes reminder of the harsh reality that makes up the cardinal rule of alchemy, that in order to get something, you must first give up something of equal value. Tucker was only able to Sew new life out of already existing life, and did so by murdering those already existing lives.

What’s your favorite state alchemist title? Let me know in the comments below.

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