30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 18

It is day eighteen of the 30 Day FMA Challenge.

18. Favorite Fight

I briefly mentioned in my post a few days ago about my favorite type of Alchemy, but my favorite fight of the series actually comes from the original FMA, and that would be the fight between Ed and Roy Mustang at central.

There are a lot of things that go into it being my favorite fight, but to start, the choreography. Most of the fight has Ed using as agility to as an escape tactic in avoiding Mustang’s extremely precise flame alchemy, while using trying to put up a defense. The way Ed moves combined with the look of the flames from Mustang’s alchemy creates a real sense of tension between the two of them and the members of the military watching.

I also like how the fight puts both of their personalities on display. Ed, while confident in himself, gets frustrated easily, and thus his fighting begins to get sloppy. Near the middle of the fight he starts throwing out moves that he knows are not going to hit, but does so anyway because of how angry he is. Meanwhile, Roy is pretty arrogant, looking down on Ed as just some bratty kid who does not know what he is doing. As a result, he does not pay much attention while actually fighting, which creates that feeling of disrespect in Ed.

While initially the two might seem like polar opposite, the two actually are pretty similar, in that their pride is fragile, and when this part of Mustang’s personality is revealed later on, it becomes that much funnier.

What is your favorite fight in FMA? Let me know in the comments below.

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