30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 19

It is day nineteen of the 30 Day FMA Challenge. Looks like I accidentally uploaded stuff I bit out of order, lol.

19. Favorite Location

Resembool always seemed to serve as a contrast to the personality of Ed and Al, two brothers set on finding answers that they new were nowhere near there rural town. Although, I guess its more accurate to say that what happened at their house was a both a life-changing event, but also the spark to their in-show journey.

I would say I mainly like it because of its simplicity. The times when it does show up are usually more peaceful, or are moments of contemplation, like when most of the main cast regroups there near the end of the show before the final battle.

Overall, definitely a fun setting.

What’s your favorite location in FMA? Let me know in the comments.

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