Animated Observations Update #4

It’s that time of the month again on Animated Observations, where I make sure to keep you all updated on what’s happening and what to expect on this blog, as well as on Solidly Liquid. With that being said, here’s what you need to know.

Back to School

Well, it’s official. School is now back in session and ya boy is a college freshman. It’s definitely a weird experience being back in school full time, but at the same time it feels good. Having work to do an a goal to work towards honestly feels great, plus I have clubs to look forward to. I am planning on joining the E-sports club, which looks like it will be fun. As for blog content, as I mentioned last month, it will probably end up being slowed down a lot, but hopefully I can get stuff out at least once a week.

Lack of Motivation

School also comes at a good time for another reason: a lot of my motivation to write about and watch anime has disappeared. This isn’t because I like anime any less, or because I like to write any less. It is mainly a result of my difficulty with starting and sticking with the anime that I watch, which is why I’ve stopped paying attention to seasonal shows as much. I hope this block is momentary, so that I can go back to writing for like 10 hours in a row and ignoring all my responsibilities.

NYCMidnight Writing Contest

I decided a couple months ago that I should maybe try and put my writing accolades to the test and enter a writing competition. I’m currently doing the flash fiction challenge from a group called NYCMidnight, where we get two rounds minimum to write thousand word or less stories based on certain things, such as a specific setting and item. The first round was a little rough, and I don’t know how prepared I am for the next one, but I’m gonna do my best, I guess.

What have you all been up to? Let me know in the comments below.

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