30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 24

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It is day twenty-four of the 30 Day FMA Challenge.

24. Saddest Moment

The death of Maes Hughes is often brought up as one of the defining moments of the original series, and still holds a lot of weight in the Brotherhood version, despite happening much sooner and with not as much development for Hughes. However, a scene that holds a similar amount of weight, at least for me, is the moment after his funeral, where Mustang stands solemnly at his grave. After talking to himself for a while, Hawkeye approaches, asking him if he is ok. Mustang responds with a yes, but noting it is a terrible day for rain. After Hawkeye points out that is is not raining, Mustang corrects her, while shedding a tear.

Even in brotherhood, where Hughes is significantly less important, this scene still holds a ton of weight, Hughes had been Mustang’s friend for a while, and the two became closer after their experience together during the war in Ishval, where they realized just how terrible the military can be. It is during the war that Mustang vows to become the Fuhrer and make the country better, and where Hughes vows to help him.

The death of his best friend hits hard, but knowing the situation that surrounds him and needing to move forward makes mustang feel like he is unable to show emotion, which is why he quips about the rain being bad, as an emotional defense. Hawkeye also realizes this, which is why she goes along with it, not wanting to upset him.

It is a scene with a lot of emotional weight, and in context is one of the saddest scene’s in the whole show.

What do you guys think is the saddest moment in FMA? Let me know in the comments below.

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One thought on “30 Day FMA Challenge: Day 24”

  1. This moment was truly heartbreaking! I think any scene relating to Hughes’s death was just utter sadness but seeing Mustang cry was definitely quite a sad moment in itself.


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