Animated Observations Update #7: New Opportunities and a Much Needed Break

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

It says a lot about the stress college induces when it feels like I have already been there for a year and yet I literally have only been there for like a few months. Aside from that though, everything has been going pretty well overall. By the time this comes out I will probably be in full study/work mode. While that is going on, though, I want to make sure all of you wonderful people are informed as to what is going on, so here is another update.

Getting a New Job (Kind of)

So, I mentioned it on Twitter roughly a week ago, but starting next school semester I will officially be a columnist for The Daily Beacon, the University of Tennessee’s own Newspaper. I kind of applied for the job out of curiosity, not really knowing what to expect. The same day I sent in my application the opinion editor for the paper emailed me back saying that I got an interview. The interview happened just one week later, and by Friday of that same week they told me I had the job. Now, its not a paid job, which of course sucks, but it is also an opportunity to write about anime to a whole new group of readers, so overall I am excited.

As of right now, it is kind of up in the air as to what exactly the column will be about. The main focus will for sure be anime, but otherwise I have a wide variety of ideas as to what specifically I am going to focus on.

After everything gets going and I start publishing on a regular basis I will link all of the stuff I write on here as well. That way, you guys can read them too.


Winter Break

After what feels like a long semester, I am finally getting the chance to relax in just a few weeks. Hopefully this means I can work on more blog related content and my own personal writing too. Speaking of getting to work on things…

The 300 Follower Thank You!

As I mentioned in my last update, I promised on Twitter that if I get to 300 WordPress followers I would shout all of them out in a video. School and a lot of others things have prevented me from being able to get that done, but since I will have more time coming up soon, I should be able to get working on that. Expect it out sometime in December, hopefully in the first half of the month.

What Have you all been up to recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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