30 Day Anime Challenge Two: Day Five

Welcome, weebs, to Animated Observations

It is day five of the second 30 Day Anime Challenge

#5: Anime You Love, But Everyone Hates

While it certainly is not fair to say that “Log Horizon” is hated to any significant degree, it also feels like the show does not get as much appreciation as it deserves. As it was the one that popularized the sub-genre of trapped-in-a-video-game, “Sword Art Online” still gets a lot more of the love despite not necessarily being much better, if at all.

While “SAO” was carried initially by its incredible animation and soundtrack, “Log Horizon” seems to have a lot more presence in its writing, taking time to set up its world and characters much more than “Sword Art Online” really ever did. Granted, I cannot speak to the former beyond its first season, it would not surprise me if that trend continues it to its sequels. All in All, I just find “Log Horizon” to be a much better series between the two.

What anime do you love that others don’t? Let me know in the comments.

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One thought on “30 Day Anime Challenge Two: Day Five”

  1. I haven’t seen either of those series since they came out during my anime hiatus. I guess some anime that I like, but others hate could be Sailor Victory (the dub is incredible and the parody aspects are self-aware), Angel Densetsu, and for all the Disney fans out there, I like Kimba the White Lion. Hahaha! X3


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